The Bloody Mallard – Realm

A progressive and heavy psychedelic journey, ‘Realm’ moves through different tones, pace and themes, as it encourages it’s listener to explore their inner mind with a meditative state of reflection.

With the songs locked down, Tom enlisted the production skills from Jarred Hearman (Katy B, Wretch 32, Mammal, John Butler Trio, The Prodigy, Slipknot) who soundboarded the ideas. They started to collaborate on the aural tones and worked on bringing a sound that was more ‘rural’, than your typical guitar-heavy prog sound.

Drummer, Jake Bradford-Sharp, and bassist Raihan Rubin, we brought in to complete and fill some spaces with their textures, and the album was recorded at Konk and City Sounds Studios and The Gin Factory.

“Recording ‘Realm’ was a unique experience,” Tom explains. “ There were a number of things pushing against us all including bereavements, family in hospital and even change of bassist… But the biggest constraint was time. The songs are ambitious and no one wanted to take short cuts. But every input was different. Jake was allowed ‘off the leash’ with his drumming and gave different versions on every take. Whereas the bass and guitars were performed more specifically. It was really about trying to find that blend to sound organic and free, but also coherent and together.”

Despite the coronavirus public lockdowns, the band are planning shows and investigating other ways that they can bring the live experience to listeners. They passionately believe these are songs meant to be experienced live. They have just been announced on the line up of HRH Prog XI, in Leeds 2021.

The album ‘Realm’ is available on 12” blood-red vinyl. T-shirt bundles are available on a variety of colours.

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‘I’ve heard a few tracks & I’m really impressed. I’m looking forward to listening to the whole thing!’ –
Atomic Heart Mutha, HRH Radio

‘The Bloody Mallard, maintains civility but only for moments at a time. The eruptions are many, a seemingly chaotic fury of overblown drums, dominant bass lines that find empty holes to wind through and guitar patterns that stomp and precisely wind melodies into knots.’ American Pancake

‘And while that might give you some idea of what the band sound like, be prepared for the edges of that idea to be stretched somewhat. The Bloody Mallard are all over the place, in terms of style and sound….This is an incredibly impressive debut, and it will be very interesting to see where the band goes from here.’ – The Progressive Aspect

‘The Bloody Mallard’s heaviest riffs to date, it’s a track with a broad scope, moving through unsettling semi-acoustic riffs and weird experimental soundscapes before hitting the listener with a crushing sense of doom.’ [Subject to Entropy] – Real Gone Rocks